Metal Composite Material FR

MCM- FR is our commitment to safety, innovation, and design. 

Manufactured in the UAE and crafted with precision, MCM- FR offers safety, strength, durability, and customisation to meet any design needs. 
This has been made possible through our innovative combination of durable aluminum skins and a robust fire-retardant core, enriched with non-combustible minerals, resulting in a rigid, flat, lightweight material that outshines solid metal panels in terms of performance. 
Manufactured to deliver exceptional fire-resistant properties, MCM – FR offers a versatility of use for both interior and exterior applications, that is limited only by your imagination.



MCM FR - Reinvented

Setting a new standard of architectural excellence, MCM- FR represents AGMI’s commitment to safety and design. 

Versatile and customisable and MCM- FR can be manufactured to our customers specifications.