Fire-Retardant A2 Metal Composite Material 

Crafted to redefine safety and style, MCM-A2 is an innovative design solution, suitable for use in a range of architectural environments, including as an interior or exterior component

MCM – A2 is manufactured to the highest safety standards, uniquely combining two metal sheets bonded to a fire-retardant core and resulting in composite panel that is exceptional in its strength, durability, and aesthetic. 


Benefits of MCM (Metal Composite Materials)

Metal composite materials offer a range of benefits across form and function and our manufacturing excellence and environmental consciousness ensures AGMI remains a market leader in the MCM sector.

As an architectural component MCMs can contribute to the aesthetics of the design, offering flexibility that can be reflected in both the interior and exterior of your building. 

Used in interiors, MCM’s combine safety and versatility in design function
Externally, MCM’s protect the structure from the harmful effects of weather, solar radiation, and environmental pollution. MCMs also can be used to reduce heat transmission due to the use of a unique ventilation space between the panel and the construction wall. 



Our commitment to safety and design

MCM- A2 represents our commitment to safety, design, and excellence in architectural innovation

Manufactured with precision, to stringent international standards, MCM- A2 combines fire retardant properties with customisable design elements. 

MCM – A2 supports architectural and design innovation and incorporates and awareness of environmental considerations in both its interior and exterior uses.