Pioneering Excellence in A2 Core Manufacturing: At AG Metal Industries, we are leaders A2 core innovation, providing cutting-edge solutions for fire-resistant applications.

As the first and only company in the MENA Region to manufacture A2 Core in an unprecedented width of 2100mm, we are setting new benchmarks for the industry, supported by our commitment to quality and innovation. 



Why Choose AG FR-A2 Core?

Our FR- A2 core represents an uncompromised commitment to safety, durability, innovation, and excellence. 

Our innovative design and manufacturing processes ensure that the 
FR-A2 core exceeds the requirements of the EN13501-1 standard, providing exceptional fire-retardant properties. 

By incorporating the FR- A2 into the MCM-A2 core panels, our products offer limited combustibility and low smoke production in case of a fire, providing design flexibility whilst meeting the most stringent safety requirements. 

FR-A2, setting new standards in construction excellence. 



Product Specifications

We understand that every project is unique, and our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility allows us to offer customization options with tailor-made sizes to meet your specific design and construction requirements. 

AG FR-A2 Core is available in a range of specifications, with widths ranging from 800mm to 2100mm and core thicknesses between 2.00mm and 5.00mm. 


Unparalleled Fire Protection

Manufactured using halogen-free compounds, and a 90% mineral based non- combustible core, AG Core A2 offers the highest level of protection against fire incidents. 

The fire-retardant nature of AG Core limits the spread of fire to other materials, containing the heat and minimizing damage.

Its innovative construction offers design flexibility whilst safeguarding building facades from potential fire hazards.